Flash fiction piece accepted at DOGZPLOT; forthcoming

Barry Graham is a hard man to please but he’s fair, and doesn’t hit unless you ask nicely. In any case, I am happy to report Barry has confirmed that DOGZPLOT will be publishing a short piece of [dt] fiction in the near future. Stay tuned; though, you should probably be reading DOGZPLOT anyway!


and/or (vol. 1) is now viewable on ISSUU

and/or (vol. 1) is now viewable on ISSUU (the print version became available back in December). For those who did not get a copy of the print version, please turn to pages 105-107 now. Thank you.

see: and/or on ISSUU


Short [dt] piece in Twenty20, Winter Issue 2

The minimalist Twenty20 Journal, edited by Benjamin C. Krause, has published my short poem “: gin still, headlong” in its second winter issue. My thanks to Benjamin for allowing me to take part in his unique publication.

see: Twenty20


[dt] photograph at Phantom Kangaroo

I’m a big fan of Phantom Kangaroo, so I am thrilled to report that Claudia Lamar has seen fit to include my photograph, “earth { +ling” in her note from editor in Phantom Kangaroo, Issue No. 3. Thanks, Claudia!

see: Phantom Kangaroo, Issue 3


Nic Sebastian reads “&” on Whale Sound

Nic Sebastian has once again amply sprinkled her personal brand of exquisite upon my inner dialect. Nic chose a piece originally published by the incredible Calliope Nerve, titled “&,” and did it a justice I will leave to you to decide if the original earns. My gratitude to Ms. Sebastian, of course.

see: Whale Sound


bending light into verse: vol. 1 finally available digitally

Jennifer Tomaloff’s bending light into verse: vol. 1 is finally available digitally via ISSUU, and is also available as a downloadable PDF. This is great news, indeed! The project, a fantastic blend of Jennifer’s photography and the written works of many gifted writers, was first published early in 2010. Jennifer will be releasing Issue II in early spring, and it promises to be even better–stay tuned!

see: bending light into verse | on ISSUU | PDF


Two new [dt] poems published at Calliope Nerve

The ever distinguished Calliope Nerve has recently published 2 more [dt] poems. Those keeping score may notice that one of them is the [fig. I] to a piece that appeared in the December issue of elimae. My gratitude to Matt at Calliope Nerve.

see: one | two

bonus: [fig. II]


Two new [dt] poems included in Guerilla Pamphlets #6

Guerilla Pamphlets #6 is now available, featuring two new [dt] pieces alongside the works of fantastic poets such as Felino Soriano, Leila A. Fortier, and Chris Lawrence. Download and enjoy!

see: PDF | Guerilla Pamphlets


New [dt] poem forthcoming at Twenty20 Journal/Photograph in Phantom Kangaroo

Benjamin Krause has informed me that his latest endeavor, Twenty20 Journal, will include a brand new [dt] piece. Watch for Winter 2010-2011, Issue 2! I almost lost the piece, as it was on a drive that crashed. Ended up calling these guys in Irvine, and they recovered my data.

In other news, a photograph recently taken on excursion to the Northwoods of Wisconsin will be featured alongside Claudia’s Editor’s Note in Issue 3 of the fantastic Phantom Kangaroo.


Three [dt] poems published in And/Or, Volume 1

And/Or, Volume 1 is now officially available for purchase and comes complete with 3 [dt]poems. I’m quite excited about this new publication and anxiously await the arrival of my own copy. All told, this issue weighs in at 146 pages and is packed with great experimental writing and innovative graphic art. Inlcuded among the contributors in this issue are fellow BENDING LIGHT INTO VERSE, vol. II contrubutors, Felino A. Soriano and Howie Good.

see: and/or (Volume 1)

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