Two new [dt] poems included in Guerilla Pamphlets #6

Guerilla Pamphlets #6 is now available, featuring two new [dt] pieces alongside the works of fantastic poets such as Felino Soriano, Leila A. Fortier, and Chris Lawrence. Download and enjoy! see: PDF | Guerilla Pamphlets


New [dt] poem forthcoming at Twenty20 Journal/Photograph in Phantom Kangaroo

Benjamin Krause has informed me that his latest endeavor, Twenty20 Journal, will include a brand new [dt] piece. Watch for Winter 2010-2011, Issue 2! In other news, a photograph recently taken on excursion to the Northwoods of Wisconsin will be featured alongside Claudia’s Editor’s Note in Issue 3 of the fantastic Phantom Kangaroo.


Three [dt] poems published in And/Or, Volume 1

And/Or, Volume 1 is now officially available for purchase and comes complete with 3 [dt]poems. I’m quite excited about this new publication and anxiously await the arrival of my own copy. All told, this issue weighs in at 146 pages and is packed with great experimental writing and innovative graphic art. Inlcuded among the contributors… Continue reading »


2 new [dt] poems accepted at Guerilla Pamphlets; forthcoming soon

Archey from Guerilla Pamphlets has informed me that 2 new [dt] poems will make an appearance in Volume 6. It looks like it will another good one if Felino A. Soriano and Leila A. Fortier have anything to say about it.


New [dt] poems posted at Phantom Kangaroo and the Literary Burlesque

Phantom Kangaroo and the Literary Burlesque have both kindly posted new [dt]  poems today. My thanks and gratitude to both fine journals for their consideration. see: Phantom Kangaroo  |  The Literary Burlesque 


Two new [dt] poems in the Delinquent; now available

The Delinquent; Issue 13 (featuring 2 poems by yours truly), is now available and ready for immediate placement into good homes like yours. The Delinquent is available in both reasonably priced paperback and PDF formats. see: Paperback or PDF


[dt] peotizes to the masses

[dt] took a little time out from the special black ops mission he was apparently involved in to peotize to the masses. photo: Jennifer Tomaloff


One up at Calliope Nerve

One of three up and ready for your love. see: Calliope Nerve


Three [dt] poems accepted at Calliope Nerve; forthcoming

Matt at Calliope Nerve has informed me that three new pieces have been accepted and will be forthcoming soon.


Two new [dt] poems posted at elimae

The ever awesome elimae was kind enough to publish two new pieces of mine in the December issue. see: elimae

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