and/or (vol. 1) is now viewable on ISSUU

and/or (vol. 1) is now viewable on ISSUU (the print version became available back in December). For those who did not get a copy of the print version, please turn to pages 105-107 now. Thank you. see: and/or on ISSUU


Short [dt] piece in Twenty20, Winter Issue 2

The minimalist Twenty20 Journal, edited by Benjamin C. Krause, has published my short poem “: gin still, headlong” in its second winter issue. My thanks to Benjamin for allowing me to take part in his unique publication. see: Twenty20


[dt] photograph at Phantom Kangaroo

I’m a big fan of Phantom Kangaroo, so I am thrilled to report that Claudia Lamar has seen fit to include my photograph, “earth { +ling” in her note from editor in Phantom Kangaroo, Issue No. 3. Thanks, Claudia! see: Phantom Kangaroo, Issue 3


Nic Sebastian reads “&” on Whale Sound

Nic Sebastian has once again amply sprinkled her personal brand of exquisite upon my inner dialect. Nic chose a piece originally published by the incredible Calliope Nerve, titled “&,” and did it a justice I will leave to you to decide if the original earns. My gratitude to Ms. Sebastian, of course. see: Whale Sound


bending light into verse: vol. 1 finally available digitally

Jennifer Tomaloff’s bending light into verse: vol. 1 is finally available digitally via ISSUU, and is also available as a downloadable PDF. This is great news, indeed! The project, a fantastic blend of Jennifer’s photography and the written works of many gifted writers, was first published early in 2010. Jennifer will be releasing Issue II in early spring,… Continue reading »


Two new [dt] poems published at Calliope Nerve

The ever distinguished Calliope Nerve has recently published 2 more [dt] poems. Those keeping score may notice that one of them is the [fig. I] to a piece that appeared in the December issue of elimae. My gratitude to Matt at Calliope Nerve. see: one | two bonus: [fig. II]