Poems accepted in Thunderclap; forthcoming

Editor Amanda Deo has accepted 2 [dt] poems for publication in Thunderclap. Thanks, Amanda!


2 [dt] texts featured at the Sixteenth Letter

Editor, John-Patrick Ayson, was kind in informing me that two of my pieces, “accountable withholdings” and “_disney nev’r said my name,” are currently featured in the inaugural issue of the Sixteenth Letter. I’m excited to have these pieces there, and wish John the best of luck in his latest endeavor. Thank you, John! see: the… Continue reading »


New poem-ish lettery thing with a flash-ish fictiony bent up at DOGZPLOT

DOGZPLOT is undoubtedly one of the finest flash fiction hubs on the internet. I’m here to change all that. Self deprecating humor aside, I am honored to be included among the great work continually put out by editors, Barry Graham and Peter Schwartz. Thanks guys! see: [dt] on DP


New [dt] poems forthcoming

Poem-ish lettery things accepted in elimae, Outburst Magazine, and the Sixteenth Letter. Thank you, kind editors of resplendent phrasery.


One short [dt] piece in Short, Fast, and Deadly

Short, Fast, and Deadly (Issue 61) is out. Thank you, editor Joseph A. W. Quintela, for giving my words a good home. see: S, F, &D (Issue 61)


Flash fiction piece accepted at DOGZPLOT; forthcoming

Barry Graham is a hard man to please but he’s fair, and doesn’t hit unless you ask nicely. In any case, I am happy to report Barry has confirmed that DOGZPLOT will be publishing a short piece of [dt] fiction in the near future. Stay tuned; though, you should probably be reading DOGZPLOT anyway!