[dt] poems at >Kill Author, Twenty20, Outburst Magazine, & Gold Wake Press

The first week of June has been kind to me.

If you haven’t checked out my new e-chap, EXIT STRATEGIES, please head over to Gold Wake Press and give it a look. I’m ecstatic to be included among their brilliant titles. Thanks, Jared, Eric, and Caylin!

The always brilliant journal, >Kill Author, has published 3 of my poems along with accompanying photographs and audio. This issue finds me sharing space with some of my absolute favorite contemporary writers. J. A. Tyler, Andrew Borgstrom, DeWitt Brinson, Gregory Sherl, a Helen Vitoria/xTx collaboaration, and many more can be found in this issue. My thanks to the kind editors of >KA.

Twenty20 Journal is always doing something interesting, and their Summer Collaboration, Issue 1 does not deviate from the course. Editor Benjamin C. Krause paired me up with the unstoppable Len Kuntz for a collaboration I think turned out quite fruitful. Krause also published a short ebook in which he explains his reasoning behind the issue; he says of Len and me, “Kuntz had written the piece that, to me, has thus far defined hard-hitting minimalism for twenty20 Journal, whereas Tomaloff had written the most experimental piece to ever appear in the journal. The styles of Kuntz and Tomaloff contrasted so much that I wanted to see where it took them.” Read the ebook here. My gratitude to both Len and Benjamin—thanks, guys!

Finally, Outburst Magazine kindly included 3 of my six-word stories in their Issue 6. Outburst Magazine is such a well put together magazine, and I am honored to have work published by them. Thanks, Daithi!

see: EXIT STRATEGIES at Gold Wake Press
see: >Kill Author 
see: Twenty20
see: Outburst Magazine

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