[dt] poems at >Kill Author, Twenty20, Outburst Magazine, & Gold Wake Press

 The first week of June has been kind to me. If you haven’t checked out my new e-chap, EXIT STRATEGIES, please head over to Gold Wake Press and give it a look. I’m ecstatic to be included among their brilliant titles. Thanks, Jared, Eric, and Caylin! The always brilliant journal, >Kill Author, has published… Continue reading »


EXIT STRATEGIES e-chap published by Gold Wake Press

Gold Wake Press has published some of my all-time favorite e-chaps, and I am thrilled beyond thrilled that they have added my title, EXIT STRATEGIES, to the list. It’s near criminal to be able to download these gems for free. Please read mine, make your way down the list if you haven’t already, and be… Continue reading »


E-Chap forthcoming from NAP Literary Magazine

NAP Literary Magazine has announced it will release my e-chap, A SOFT THAT TOUCHES DOWN &REMOVES ITSELF, as part of its chap series in August 2011. The e-chap will be third in the series, which kicks off with Amanda Laughtlan’s VITAL TO VICTORY (out now!). Thanks, Chad! I am also happy to report that the… Continue reading »



Ten Pages Press has been kind in publishing my e-chapbook, MESCAL NON-PALINDROME CINEMA, which exploits and explores the idiosyncratic dreams, fears, and ambitions of the shady but lovable protagonist, mixed-up Ed, over a ten-poem sequence (plus the bonus poem on the Ten Pages Press website!). Mixed-up Ed has issues, but he loves you all very… Continue reading »


[dt] convinces Whale Sound — and is beaten at his own poem by Nic Sebastian in the process

A simple poetry submission turned into a very rewarding exchange of ideas between poet/editor Nic Sebastian and myself. Nic was very keen to see the value in sharing the result on her blog, Very Like a Whale. Please take the time to check it out if you get the chance. Nic has included my original… Continue reading »