2 [dt] poems published at Experiential-Experimental-Literature

Two of my poems, WILL CHAPTER IS I’M P0SSIBLE and MONOLITHIC SOME ASSEMBLY ACQUIRED, have been published by Ex-Ex-Lit. My thanks to Peter Ganick for keeping the avant-experimental spirit alive. see: Experiential-Experimental-Literature


Two new [dt] poems in the Delinquent; now available

The Delinquent; Issue 13 (featuring 2 poems by yours truly), is now available and ready for immediate placement into good homes like yours. The Delinquent is available in both reasonably priced paperback and PDF formats. see: Paperback or PDF


New [dt] super-micro poem accepted at Short, Fast and Deadly; forthcoming

Joseph Quintela graciously just informed me that Short, Fast, and Deadly will be using one of my short pieces (poems, that is) for Issue 61. Forthcoming.