[dt] poems at >Kill Author, Twenty20, Outburst Magazine, & Gold Wake Press

 The first week of June has been kind to me. If you haven’t checked out my new e-chap, EXIT STRATEGIES, please head over to Gold Wake Press and give it a look. I’m ecstatic to be included among their brilliant titles. Thanks, Jared, Eric, and Caylin! The always brilliant journal, >Kill Author, has published… Continue reading »


2 [dt] poems in Guerilla Pamphlets 10

Guerilla Pamphlets 10 is hot off the pixel press and features my poem, MACHETE ON RYE, as well as a short piece the brilliant Len Kuntz and I collaborated on titled, INTOLERABLE PATIENCE. Also featured are poems by fantastic writers such as J. D. Nelson, Felino Soriano, Keith Higginbotham, and more. Thanks, Archey! see: GUERILLA PAMPHLETS


Today is a banner day; Mud Luscious, HOUSEFIRE, & Thunderclap!

Lots of stuff to read! Issue 15 of the always superb MUD LUSCIOUS includes my piece, COMPLEX MACHINERY, as well as work by many other fantastic writers such as Helen Vitoria. Read it! My thanks to editors, J. A. Tyler and Andrew Borgstrom (whose works you should be reading as well)! The wildly insane HOUSEFIRE… Continue reading »


Three new [dt] poems published in Prick of the Spindle

Volume 5.1 of Prick of the Spindle contains 3 new works I am very proud of, as well as a host of other phenomenal work including, but not limited to, Howie Good, Len Kuntz, and CL Bledsoe. Really, everything in this issue is fabulous; check out the works by Andrea Kneeland. Damn. Poems, you done good… Continue reading »