[dt] as part of Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet at Used Furniture Review

Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet is always just that, and it can be found regularly published at Used Furniture Review. Meg kindly asked me to be part of the latest quartet, where I was fortunate to participate in a collaboration which also included Barry Graham and Allison Miller. Four very different writers working only off the… Continue reading »


[dt] poem included in Thunderclap’s Poem a Day for April

Go where the good poems are! Amanda Deo was kind enough to feature a short poem of mine in Thunderclap’s tip of the hat to National Poetry Month. Tune in and find excellent work by the likes of Meg Tuite, Parker Tettleton, Shawn Misener, xTx, Howie Good, Robert Vaughan, and more. Amanda is spoiling you; take advantage… Continue reading »