EXIT STRATEGIES e-chap published by Gold Wake Press

Gold Wake Press has published some of my all-time favorite e-chaps, and I am thrilled beyond thrilled that they have added my title, EXIT STRATEGIES, to the list. It’s near criminal to be able to download these gems for free. Please read mine, make your way down the list if you haven’t already, and be… Continue reading »


New [dt] flash piece at DOGZPLOT

My flash piece, LOSING SOMETHING, appears at the always fantastic DOGZPLOT. I would venture to guess it will be the single best piece of fictional non-fiction regarding the band MANOWAR that you will read today. In fact, I can guarantee as much. Much love to Barry Graham for his kindness! On a side note, congratulations to my good friend… Continue reading »


One-Sentence Story up at Monkey Bicycle

Who doesn’t love Monkey Bicycle, and who doesn’t love their One-Sentence Stories? Give up? Nobody, that’s who. Monkey Bicycle has published a One Sentence Story by yours truly, and I am grateful to them for it. Thanks, MB! see: MONKEY BICYCLE ONE SENTENCE STORIES


Flash fiction piece accepted at DOGZPLOT; forthcoming

Barry Graham is a hard man to please but he’s fair, and doesn’t hit unless you ask nicely. In any case, I am happy to report Barry has confirmed that DOGZPLOT will be publishing a short piece of [dt] fiction in the near future. Stay tuned; though, you should probably be reading DOGZPLOT anyway!


Short [dt] piece in Twenty20, Winter Issue 2

The minimalist Twenty20 Journal, edited by Benjamin C. Krause, has published my short poem “: gin still, headlong” in its second winter issue. My thanks to Benjamin for allowing me to take part in his unique publication. see: Twenty20


New [dt] super-micro poem accepted at Short, Fast and Deadly; forthcoming

Joseph Quintela graciously just informed me that Short, Fast, and Deadly will be using one of my short pieces (poems, that is) for Issue 61. Forthcoming.