[dt] poem &photograph published at the Planet Formerly Known as Earth

The kind editors of the Planet Formerly Known as Earth have published my poem, “SPLiNTER,” as well as my photograph, “-k ing { -escent opposite.” If you haven’t been swept away by the raptor, consider this a consolation prize. Everyone wins! see: POEM see: PHOTOGRAPH


3 [dt] poems & photographs at Turntable & Blue Light

Turntable & Blue Light has been kind in publishing three of my poems along with three photographs to accompany them. Turntable & Blue Light has published some outstanding work, and this update is a sure continuation of that tradition. It is also an honor to once again share space with one of my favorite poets,… Continue reading »


Interview & Reading on WUWM’s Lake Effect

I am very happy to be part of Jennifer Tomaloff’s Bending Light into Verse project. Jennifer was recently interviewed about the book and its process by Stephanie Lecci on WUWM’s Lake Effect show. I was on hand to offer both a reading of one of my poems from the book as well to answer questions… Continue reading »


BENDING LIGHT INTO VERSE v.2 Release/Celebration

I will be here reading my poems from Jennifer Tomaloff‘s excellent book. I will also be playing the part of world renowned werewolf hunter and heavy metal fashion icon, JD Nelson. You should come. Bring your mad face and heckle some poets–you’ll feel better about yourself, I swear. see: BENDING LIGHT INTO VERSE V2 RELEASE… Continue reading »


[dt] photograph at Phantom Kangaroo

I’m a big fan of Phantom Kangaroo, so I am thrilled to report that Claudia Lamar has seen fit to include my photograph, “earth { +ling” in her note from editor in Phantom Kangaroo, Issue No. 3. Thanks, Claudia! see: Phantom Kangaroo, Issue 3