[dt] poems at >Kill Author, Twenty20, Outburst Magazine, & Gold Wake Press

 The first week of June has been kind to me. If you haven’t checked out my new e-chap, EXIT STRATEGIES, please head over to Gold Wake Press and give it a look. I’m ecstatic to be included among their brilliant titles. Thanks, Jared, Eric, and Caylin! The always brilliant journal, >Kill Author, has published… Continue reading »


EXIT STRATEGIES e-chap published by Gold Wake Press

Gold Wake Press has published some of my all-time favorite e-chaps, and I am thrilled beyond thrilled that they have added my title, EXIT STRATEGIES, to the list. It’s near criminal to be able to download these gems for free. Please read mine, make your way down the list if you haven’t already, and be… Continue reading »


2 [dt] poems published at Experiential-Experimental-Literature

Two of my poems, WILL CHAPTER IS I’M P0SSIBLE and MONOLITHIC SOME ASSEMBLY ACQUIRED, have been published by Ex-Ex-Lit. My thanks to Peter Ganick for keeping the avant-experimental spirit alive. see: Experiential-Experimental-Literature


New [dt] flash piece at DOGZPLOT

My flash piece, LOSING SOMETHING, appears at the always fantastic DOGZPLOT. I would venture to guess it will be the single best piece of fictional non-fiction regarding the band MANOWAR that you will read today. In fact, I can guarantee as much. Much love to Barry Graham for his kindness! On a side note, congratulations to my good friend… Continue reading »


Today is a banner day; Mud Luscious, HOUSEFIRE, & Thunderclap!

Lots of stuff to read! Issue 15 of the always superb MUD LUSCIOUS includes my piece, COMPLEX MACHINERY, as well as work by many other fantastic writers such as Helen Vitoria. Read it! My thanks to editors, J. A. Tyler and Andrew Borgstrom (whose works you should be reading as well)! The wildly insane HOUSEFIRE… Continue reading »


New [dt] poem published at amphibi.us

Editor Shannon Peil has been kind in publishing my poem, a night by the pier and sway, at amphbi.us. If you have not been following the work Shannon is publishing there, I think you owe it to yourself to do so. Thanks, Shannon! see: AMPHIBI.US


[dt] interview and reading on WUWM’s Lake Effect

WUWM’s Lake Effect was kind enough to invite me to read and discuss my work with the talented Robert Vaughan on their series, Flash Fiction Friday. The segment is archived on the WUWM site and available for download or stream at any time. My gratitude to Robert Vaughan, Stephanie Lecci, and Bonnie North for their… Continue reading »


New [dt] work accepted at Mud Luscious; forthcoming

Andrew Borgstrom has informed me that the ultra-fabulous Mud Luscious Press will be running some of my work in Issue 15, due out April 2011. Many thanks to Andrew and company. Mud Luscious for president. There, I said it.


New [dt] wordish fictiony thing up at HOUSEFIRE

HOUSEFIRE’s Riley Michael Parker should be my full-time biography writer. Oh, HOUSEFIRE, you know me a little too well. It’s an honor to be here. Thanks, Riley! see: HOUSEFIRE


2 [dt] texts featured at the Sixteenth Letter

Editor, John-Patrick Ayson, was kind in informing me that two of my pieces, “accountable withholdings” and “_disney nev’r said my name,” are currently featured in the inaugural issue of the Sixteenth Letter. I’m excited to have these pieces there, and wish John the best of luck in his latest endeavor. Thank you, John! see: the… Continue reading »

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